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Selected Contributions

Lucy Campbell

Self‐Knowledge: Expression without Expressivism. Philos Phenomenol Res 00: 123. (2020). Link

Quassim Cassam

‘The Metaphysical Foundations of Vice Epistemology’, in I. J. Kidd, H. Battaly and Q. Cassam (eds.) Vice Epistemology (New York and London: Routledge, 2021).

‘Humility and Terrorism Studies’, in M. Alfano, M. Lynch and A. Tanesini (eds.) The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Humility (New York and London: Routledge, 2021).

‘The polarisation toolkit’, in A. Tanesini and M. Lynch (eds.) Polarisation, Arrogance, and Dogmatism: Philosophical Perspectives (New York and London: Routledge, 2021).

Thomas Crowther

Temporal Ontology and Joint Action. Inquiry. (2020). Link

‘Verbs, Times and Objects’. International Journal of Philosophical Studies, Volume 27, Issue 4, 475- 497.(2019). Link

‘Experience, Dreaming and the Phenomenology of Wakeful Consciousness’. In Fiona Macpherson and Fabian Dorsch (eds.). Phenomenal Presence. (Oxford: OUP, 2018)

‘Time in the Dream’ (co-authored with Matthew Soteriou). In I. Phillips (ed.) The Routledge Handbook of Philosophy of Temporal Experience. London: Routledge, 2017).


Naomi Eilan

Other I’s, communication, and the second person. Inquiry. (2020). Link

Intersubjective exchanges. Philosophical Explorations, 23:3, 292301. (2020). Link

‘Objectivity and Unity Across the Modalities: Molyneux’s Question Revisited’, in Tony Cheng, Ophelia Deroy and Charles Spence (eds.) Spatial Senses: Philosophy of Perception in an Age of Science (Routledge,2020).

Christoph Hoerl

Hoerl, C. (2022): Past/Future attitude asymmetries: Values, preferences, and the phenomenon of relief. In: C. Hoerl, T. McCormack & A. Fernandes (eds.): Temporal Asymmetries in Philosophy and Psychology (pp. 204-222). Oxford University Press.

Hoerl, C., Lorimer, S., McCormack, T., Lagnado, D. A., Blakey, E., Tecwyn, E. C., & Buehner, M. J. Temporal binding causation and agency: Developing a new theoretical framework. Cognitive Science 44(e12843), pp. 1-27 (2020).

Hoerl, C. & McCormack, T. Thinking in and about time: A dual systems perspective on temporal cognition. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42(e244), pp. 1-16 & 62-77 (2019).

Experience and time: Transparency and presence. Ergo, an Open Access Journal of Philosophy 5(5), pp. 127-151 (2018).

Hemdat Lerman

Attention, Salience, and the Phenomenology of Visual Experience, in Sophie Archer (ed.) Salience: A Philosophical Inquiry. (London: Routledge, 2022) Link

Guy Longworth

Sharing non-observational knowledge. Inquiry (2019). Link

The ordinary and the experimental: Cook Wilson and Austin on method in philosophy. British Journal for the History of Philosophy, 26:5, 939-960. (2018). Link
Understanding what was said. Synthese 195,815–834. (2018). Link

Richard Moore

The invention of mind-modelling. Synthese (Moore & Brown (eds.) SI: The cultural origins of human social cognition). (In press).

Convergent minds: Ostension, inference and Grice’s third clause. Interface Focus (Clayton et al. (eds). special issue on Convergent minds: the evolution of cognitive complexity in nature), 7: 20160107 (2017b).

Gricean communication and cognitive development. Philosophical Quarterly, 67(267): 303-326 (2017a).

Johannes Roessler

'Practical knowledge and testimony', forthcoming in R. Teichmann (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Elizabeth Anscombe

 Plural practical knowledge, Inquiry. (2020). Link

'The manifest and the philosophical image of perceptual knowledge', in F. Stadler & C. Limbeck-Lilienau (eds.), The Philosophy of Perception and Observation: Proceedings of the 40th International Wittgenstein Symposium (2019).

Jack Shardlow

Lee, R., Shardlow, J., Hoerl, C., O’Connor, P., Fernandes, A., & McCormack, T. (forthcoming) ‘Towards an Intuitive Theory of Time’. Cognitive Science. Link

Shardlow, J. (forthcoming) ‘The experience and knowledge of time, through Russell and Moore’. British Journal for the History of Philosophy, special issue on Time at the Turn of the Twentieth Century in American-British Philosophy. Link

Shardlow, J., Lee, R., Hoerl, C., McCormack, T., Burns, P. & Fernandes, A. (2021) Exploring people’s beliefs about the experience of time. Synthese. Link

Shardlow, J. (2020) No Time to Move: Motion, Painting and Temporal Experience. Philosophy, 95, 3: 239-260. Link

Barney Walker

Knowledge first, stability and value. Synthese (2019). Link

Enquiry and the value of Knowledge. Philosophy (2019). Link

Simon Wimmer

Knowledge-first believing the unknowable. Synthese (2019). Link