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Stephen Butterfill
Philosophy of mind and psychology; causal understanding

Quassim Cassam
Philosophy of mind; epistemology; Kant

Thomas Crowther
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and Aristotle

Naomi Eilan (Director of the Centre)
Consciousness and self consciousness; philosophy of mind; philosophy of psychology; metaphysics; Wittgenstein

Christoph Hoerl
The phenomenology of conscious experience; space, time and memory; causal understanding

Hemdat Lerman
Philosophy of mind, especially perception, attention and demonstrative thought

Guy Longworth
Philosophy of language and linguistics

Michael Luntley
Wittgenstein; The metaphysics of thought and reasons; Perceptual knowledge, especially the role perceptually dependent knowledge bases play in expert performance

John Michael
Social cognition; mind-reading; perspective taking; joint action; philosophy of cognitive science

Matthew Nudds
Philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, in particular in the non-visual senses and auditory perception

Johannes Roessler
Self-awareness; perceptual knowledge; agency; knowledge of other minds; philosophy of psychology; Kant

Tom McClelland (Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship on Mental Action and Cognitive Phenomenology)
Cognitive Phenomenology; Perceptual Experience; The Subjectivity of Consciousness; The Explanatory Gap; Russellian Physicalism

Alison Fernandez (Research Fellow in Time: Between Metaphysic and Psychology)
Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Time; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Action.

Wayne Christensen (Research Fellow in Sense of Commitment Project)
Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Neuroscience; Skilled Action.

Barnaby Walker (Teaching Fellow)
Epistemology; Philosophy of Mind.

Lucy Campbell (Leverhulme Early Career Research Fellow)
Philosophy of Mind and Action; Epistemology.

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