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Stephen Butterfill
Philosophy of mind and psychology; causal understanding

Quassim Cassam
Philosophy of mind; epistemology; Kant

Thomas Crowther
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and Aristotle

Naomi Eilan (Director of the Centre)
Consciousness and self consciousness; philosophy of mind; philosophy of psychology; metaphysics; Wittgenstein

Christoph Hoerl
The phenomenology of conscious experience; space, time and memory; causal understanding

Hemdat Lerman
Philosophy of mind, especially perception, attention and demonstrative thought

Guy Longworth
Philosophy of language and linguistics

Michael Luntley
Wittgenstein; The metaphysics of thought and reasons; Perceptual knowledge, especially the role perceptually dependent knowledge bases play in expert performance

Alisa Mandrigin
Philosophy of mind, connecting with issues in epistemology and the philosophy of action

John Michael
Social cognition; mind-reading; perspective taking; joint action; philosophy of cognitive science

Matthew Nudds
Philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, in particular in the non-visual senses and auditory perception

Johannes Roessler
Self-awareness; perceptual knowledge; agency; knowledge of other minds; philosophy of psychology; Kant

Matthew Soteriou
Perception; philosophy of of mind; metaphysics; theory of knowledge; aesthetics

Tom McClelland (Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship on Mental Action and Cognitive Phenomenology)
Cognitive Phenomenology; Perceptual Experience; The Subjectivity of Consciousness; The Explanatory Gap; Russellian Physicalism

Alison Fernandez (Research Fellow in Time: Between Metaphysic and Psychology)
Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Time; Philosophy of Mind; Philosophy of Action.

Wayne Christensen (Research Fellow in Sense of Commitment Project)
Philosophy of Cognitive Science; Philosophy of Neuroscience; Skilled Action.

Barnaby Walker (Teaching Fellow)
Epistemology; Philosophy of Mind.

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