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Naomi Eilan (Director of the Centre)
Consciousness and self consciousness, philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, metaphysics, and Wittgenstein

Stephen Butterfill
Philosophy of mind and psychology, and causal understanding

Lucy Campbell 
Philosophy of mind and action, and epistemology

Quassim Cassam
Philosophy of mind, epistemology, and Kant

Thomas Crowther
Metaphysics, philosophy of mind, epistemology, and Aristotle

Christoph Hoerl
The phenomenology of conscious experience, space, time and memory, and causal understanding

Giulia Martina
Philosophy of mind, perception, and olfaction

Richard Moore
Philosophy of mind, language, psychology, and human cognition

Hemdat Lerman
Philosophy of mind, especially perception, attention, and demonstrative thought

Guy Longworth
Philosophy of language, and linguistics

Matthew Nudds
Philosophy of mind, philosophy of perception, in particular in the non-visual senses, and auditory perception

James Openshaw
Philosophy of mind, epistemology, and philosophy of language

Johannes Roessler
Self-awareness, perceptual knowledge, agency, knowledge of other minds, philosophy of psychology, and Kant

Heather Widdows
Applied ethics, global ethics, bioethics, moral Philosophy, and feminist philosophy

Jack Shardlow
Time, conscious experience, philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychology, aesthetics

Barnaby Walker 
Epistemology, philosophy of mind

Simon Wimmer 
Knowledge, epistemology, and philosophy of mind

Daniel Vanello
Ethics, philosophy of mind, and psychology

Chenwei Nie
Philosophy of psychiatry, and epistemology

Giulia Palazzolo
Philosophy of mind, animal communication, and animal mind

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