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Student profiles

“There is a large, diverse philosophy PhD community at Warwick. You’ll almost certainly be able to find others working on topics similar to your own off whom you can bounce ideas. During the autumn and spring terms, there are regular departmental colloquia featuring speakers from other universities. There are also many seminars and reading groups you can attend. PhD students are encouraged to attend MA seminars, and lectures for undergraduates, if they have a particular interest in the topics or wish to make up for gaps in their knowledge. So there’s plenty of philosophical action aside from your own research—if anything, the problem is not to let yourself get distracted by other things that are going on!”

-Barney Walker, PhD Philosophy (2016)

"The Philosophy Department has a lot on offer for graduate students. In fact, it can be quite difficult to keep focused on your own research when there are so many things happening! There are different reading groups, seminars, talks and conferences during term time, so the way I try to handle it all is by carefully choosing two or three events that I attend each week. During one term, for example, I audited an MA module, ‘Hegel’s Logic’, went to a reading group on Meta-Ethics, and attended a work-in-progress seminar in which graduate students get the chance to present and discuss their work. The rest of the week is reserved for reading and writing. It can be quite daunting in the beginning to be faced with such a huge project, but regular meetings with my supervisors helped me deal with that pressure. From my experience, the best way to decide where you want to study for your PhD is to visit relevant departments, speak to the people and get a sense of the community. That’s what I did before I came to Warwick, and the first impression that I had was very much confirmed when I started studying here."

-Irina Schumski, PhD Philosophy (2016)



"I came to Warwick as a PhD visiting student while I was in a doctoral programme in Paris, and I was so struck by the welcoming environment and by the quality of the philosophical discussions with both staff members and fellow graduate students (and how all this positively impacted in only a few months on the quality of my own research) that I decided to stay and complete my PhD here. For studying philosophy of mind, and in particular philosophy of perception (as I do), Warwick Philosophy is among the best departments in the world. A huge number of staff members are leading researchers in the field and they made themselves available to discuss my work, regardless of whether or not they are my official supervisors. This, combined with the numerous occasions for discussion provided by weekly graduate seminars, departmental seminars and reading groups, make me feel that I am part of a thriving and supportive intellectual community."

-Roberta Locatelli, PhD Philosophy (2016)