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Independent Project (PH353)

This module is available to final-year single honours Philosophy students (including 'Philosophy with...' variants). It is also available to final-year PPE students and Mathematics and Philosophy students as an option. Students who have opted to write a dissertation in Philosophy are precluded from taking an independent project at the same time.

This module involves you carrying out independent research, throughout one term of your final year, on a topic chosen in consultation with their supervisor, to produce a piece of work of around 5,000 words. The module is worth 15 CATS.

The independent project will demonstrate your ability to select an interesting, but manageable philosophical topic for discussion, find out about existing views on this topic in the literature, put forward a sustained, structured argument for your own view, and defend it against counter-arguments.

Examples of undergraduate independent projects our students have carried out previously include:

  • Animal Rights without Ownership or Liberation
  • Doping In Sport: Testing the Limits of Fair Play


Timing and CATS

This module is worth 15 CATS