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Sociology Society Exec for 2020-2021

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"I'm no longer accepting the things I cannot change... I'm changing the things I cannot accept" - Angela Davis

On the 25th of May, George Floyd was brutally murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin in an act of police brutality. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident and is a reflection of the institutionalised racism and daily injustice which the black community faces. Prejudice in the police force has cost the lives of numerous black citizens and enough is enough; this is not just an American issue, this is global - this needs to be put to a stop. White and non-Black students especially may be wondering how they can do this. First and foremost, we must educate ourselves on racism and White supremacy. Educate yourselves in the history of European imperialism and colonialism and how these events have characterised the global racial and economic order of today's society as we know it. Read and listen to podcasts and do make the most of the e-Books and online articles available to you through Moodle and the University Library.

Modules which are currently being run in the department, such as SO122, SO258 and SO342 offer valuable insight into race theory. We encourage all Warwick students, from a sociology or non-sociology background, to take the time to look at the readings for these modules and help combat the ever-growing injustices within society - we need to do more. By engaging with these resources, you can understand the bigger picture and use your privilege to condemn such actions. Speak out against everyday racism and share your knowledge with your friends and family members. Spread awareness and question ways of knowing that are often blindly accepted. Please sign the petitions to hold those responsible for such brutalities to account, and donate where you can to the causes that are also linked.

In solidarity, Warwick Sociology Society xx