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Meet the Exec

Picture of Lucianne Baltrock-Nitzsche
Lucianne Baltrock-Nitzsche - Co-President (Academic)

Sociology (3rd Year)

Hi I’m Lucianne, your Academic Co-President! Alongside Lucy and Ben, I will be working to organise events for students to ensure they have a fun time and feel more engaged within the society and department. In particular, I will be working towards bringing more academic events such as module help workshops, which I hope some of you will find useful!

My favourite drink is a glass of Rosé in T-Bar during the afternoon Bus Stop Hour.

Picture of Ben Gill
Ben Gill - Co-President (Social)
History & Sociology (3rd Year)

Hi everyone! My name is Ben and I’m a 3rd year History and Sociology student. I will be your Social President for next year. My role is to focus on the social side of the society, whilst also working with Lucy and Lucianne to ensure the running of the society. Sociology Society has been one of my highlights of my time at Warwick and I encourage anyone to come along to one of our events to meet us all.

My favourite drink - nothing beats a Peroni!

Picture of Lucy Dunkling
Lucy Dunkling - Co-President (Strategy)

Sociology (3rd Year)

I’m Lucy and I am the Strategy President for SocSoc! I will be helping to organise events such as nights out, meals, ball and quizzes!

My favourite drink is gin and I want to help make the society a friendly and welcoming atmosphere!

Picture of Jay Kinsella
Jay Kinsella - Social Media and Publicity

Sociology (3rd Year)

Hey! I’m Jay and I’m the Social Media and Publicity Officer for 2020/21!!! Although I won’t be a physical presence at SocSoc events this year due to being on a Year Abroad in Prague, I’m very excited to develop the presence of the society on the internet and to see all the amazing things the society will get up to this year (and turn them into aesthetic posts!)

My favourite drink is Southern Comfort and Lemonade... just try it.

Picture of Ev
Ev Uygun - Treasurer

Sociology (3rd Year)

Hello! I’m Ev and I’m the Treasurer for SocSoc. My duties involve managing the Society accounts, filing paperwork and liaising with the SU on financial matters. I’m also responsible for working with the SU on Ball preparations.

I would love to have said that a Tutti Fruiti fish bowl would be my favourite drink, but Karen beat me to it!

Picture of Maisie Coulstock-Cockeram
Maisie Coulstock-Cockeram - Academic & Welfare

Sociology (3rd Year)

My name is Maisie and I'm a third year sociology student. My position on the exec will be Academic and Welfare, and my aims are to help organise revision and wellbeing sessions in regards to exam/essay stress, and ensuring good mental wellbeing for students by organising the mentoring scheme and helping the first years (and everyone else) feel as welcome and included as possible. I'm really excited to be part of the 20/21 exec and helping to develop the society!

My favourite drink is double vodka anything.

Picture of Izzy Dorkin
Izzy Dorkin - Secretary

Sociology (3rd Year)

My name is Izzy and I’m a second year sociology student. My position on the sociology exec will be Secretary, and I’ll be responsible for organising different parts of the society, including: recording meetings, writing emails and booking rooms for meetings. I’m really looking forward to playing a bigger part within the society this year and to helping develop Sociology Society even further!

My favourite drink is a Porn Star Martini.

Picture of Karen Chu
Karen Chu - Social Secretary
Sociology (2nd Year)

Hey I’m Karen, your Social Secretary alongside Phoebe! Our job is to be the fun ones and organise lots of exciting events in an inclusive and welcoming environment.

My favourite drink is a Tutti Fruiti fishbowl in T-Bar, but also take advantage of the bus stop wine hehe!

Picture of Phoebe Greenwood
Phoebe Greenwood - Social Secretary
Sociology (2nd Year)

Hey! I'm Phoebe and I'll be your Social Sec alongside Karen for the 20/21 academic year. As social sec, my main goal is to plan inclusive and lively socials to help students feel welcomed within both the society and the university.

My favourite drink is anything I don't have to pay for myself x
Picture of Emma Bolton
Emma Bolton - Charities Officer
Sociology (2nd Year)

Hi I’m Emma, I’ll be your Charities Officer. I’ll be in charge of organising fundraising events in order to help our local and wider communities.

My favourite drink is a bottle of red wine.