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Public Lecture: Luce Irigaray - "'How Could We Truly Live and Talk Together"

'How Could We Truly Live and Talk Together: Beyond Idealist Dreams and Pseudo-materialist Dictates'

Before intending to live together, it would be advisable to wonder whether we are really alive, and how we could become truly living beings in spite of the cultural tradition and the social and political context in which we are situated. We must also wonder about the language that we speak. Does this language contribute toward our becoming living? Or, when we talk to one another, are we merely subjecting ourselves to common codes which prevent us from expressing ourselves as living beings? Furthermore, the basic structure of our logic favours a subject-object adequacy and not a subject-subject connection. In reality, we still lack a logic of intersubjectivity of which we are particularly in need in our time. Some elements in order to elaborate such logic will be suggested and offer to be discussed.

This event is free to attend and all are welcome. You must register here for a ticket.

This event is supported by the Social Theory Centre and the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender at the University of Warwick.