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The Collaborative, Participatory Level

Years 3 - 5

This collaborative and participatory phase of research is highly innovative. Building on the first two stages of research, this phase engages not only with debates about toxic expertise, but with actually doing the 'expert' science. For example, we will actively engage in data science, epidemiological analysis, digital methods, and participatory citizen science. The aim of this phase of the project to move beyond the level of mapping discourses and case studies, to develop a scaled-up international public 'resource' of toxic expertise.

What will this resource look like? This is yet to be determined. We will engage research participants and international experts from across the project as a whole, developing online, print, and networking resources, through sharing skills, case studies, campaigns, and examples of best practice. This international pubic resource of toxic expertise will address practical challenges of capacity, resources, and scale inherent within both dominant professional and citizen-led epidemiology, by developing:

  • accessible online information about toxic expertise and environmental justice;
  • interactive data visualisations and databases of global toxic issues;
  • tools for understanding, measuring, monitoring and reporting toxic pollutants and their health impacts;
  • workshops and other events for training and engaging wider publics.

The online toxic expertise resource will be based on:

  • extensive, empirically grounded research from across the project as a whole;
  • insights from research participants, including scientists, social scientists, citizens, policy-makers, and corporate representatives around the world.