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Decoloniality, Solidarity & the Question of Palestine

Co-hosted by the Social Theory Centre & the Centre for the Studies of Women & Gender
The Palestine teach-in aimed to deepen understanding of the spring/summer 2021 events in Palestine by placing them in a longer historical context.

Israel's 11-day bombardment of the Gaza strip in May once again brought public attention to the most visible forms of oppression and violence to which Palestinians are subjected. The aim of this teach-in was to deepen understanding of what is happening in Palestine by placing events in a longer historical context of settler-colonialism, dispossession, resistance and mobilisation.

The speakers critically assessed the ways in which Palestine has been framed in Western academia, highlighting the need for a decolonial and emancipatory engagement with Palestine as a global struggle for justice and liberation.

Speakers (Please click on talk titles to access video clips)

Dr. Nicola Pratt (Chair), Reader, Department of Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick - Introductions

Ashjan Ajour, Researcher, University of Leicester - A View from Gaza

Hadeel Himmo, student, University of Warwick - Censoring Palestine

Muna Dajani, Senior Research Associate, Lancaster Environment Centre - Decolonising the Question of Palestine
Marwan Darweish, Associate Professor, Center for Trust, Peace & Social Relations, University of Coventry - A history of Palestinian popular resistance
Indicative Readings

Ayyash, Mark, 2021 'Building from the Rubble', The Baffler. 19 May

Tatour, Lana 2021 'Why calling Israel an apartheid state is not enough', 18 January

Thursday, June 17

17:00 - 18:30 pm - BST