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Lynne Pettinger

Lynne Pettinger

Associate Professor of Sociology


Room: E0.15

Telephone: +44 (0)24 765 73419


Dr Lynne Pettinger researches work and markets, and is particularly interested in ethics, aesthetics and emotion. She joined the University of Warwick in Jan 2014. Prior to that, she was senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Essex, and before that held a post-doctoral fellowship at City University.

Research Interests

Her research explores the intersections of work and markets, using the insights of economic sociology to make sense of forms of work. It explores how market cultures are generated, and how ethics, aesthetics and emotions are worked on in global consumer capitalism. She has developed these themes in projects on sales work, sex work and music work, and these ideas form the basis of Work, Consumption and Capitalism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).

Lynne has three current projects:
  • Green Work (funded by the British Academy). This considers how ‘green collar’ workers bring eco-ethical principles and practices to market.
  • Globalising Aesthetics. With Kirsten Forkert (Birmingham City University) and Andrew Goffey (University of Nottingham), she is exploring HE’s role in the production of ‘employable’ workers for the global culture industries. They explore the tacit understandings of technology and ‘global’ markets in creative, aesthetic education.
  • Information as Regulatory Device. (funded by West Essex CCG). This project studies the impact of the new regulatory framework on care and work practices in the NHS. Looking at the implications for patients and medics of the informational requirements and consider the limits of a new technological infrastructure.

Teaching 2015/16

PhD Supervision

Please get in touch if you have a proposal in the fields of work, markets, consumption, or that makes reference to the themes described above.

Current students

  • Heather Griffiths (with Clare Lyonette). Work-Life Balance in Finance Organisations
  • Somia Bibi (with Goldie Osuri). A Cross Cultural Analysis of Postcolonial Whiteness at the Intersection of Race, Beauty & Skin Colour
  • Thore Behrens (with Nick Gane). Ordoliberalism and the Banking Crisis.
  • Yu Chen Chang (with Steve Fuller). Time, Boundaries, and Care Regimes: Toward the Politics and Policy on Gender Equality
  • Richard Davis ‘Internet technologies in the home’. EPSRC/BT CASE studentship.
  • Antoinette Saint Hilaire ‘SEEMORE and the intersections of Race, Gender and Class: Towards a relational theory of unequal access to career-related support capital'.
  • James Scott ‘Class Clues: Felt Hierachies of Class in Two Essex Districts’. ESRC +3 funded.
  • Mushabbab Al-Qatani ‘The impact of family socialisation on juvenile delinquency in Saudi Arabia’. 2005-2009. With Dr Jackie Turton and Professor Nigel South.
  • Andreas Pöllmann ‘Berlin and London Headteachers' Attachment to Country and Europe: A Challenge to the Apparency of Cross-National Difference’. ESRC funded.