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Frequently Asked Questions for New Tutors and Returners

Frequently Asked Questions

We realise you probably have a lot of questions about the interview, dates, training, salary and benefits including CPD and accommodation - we hope that the FAQs below will address your queries.
If you still have questions after reading this page, please contact us on email pre-sessional at warwick dot ac dot uk.

Dates and Delivery Mode

What are the dates of the programme and the dates I should be available?

What are the dates of the programme and the dates I should be available?

All tutors teaching on the programme should be available on the following dates:

      • 10-week Programme - Wednesday 6 July - Friday 16 September
        (compulsory training on Wed 6 - Fri 8 July)
      • 6-week Undergraduate Programme - Wednesday 20 July - Friday 2 September
        (compulsory training on Wed 20 - Fri 22 July)
      • 6-week Postgraduate Programme - Wednesday 3 August - Friday 16 September
        (compulsory training on Wed 3 - Fri 5 August)

        The programme dates are as follows:

            • 10-week Programme - Monday 11 July - Friday 16 September
            • 6-week Undergraduate Programme - Monday 25 July - Friday 2 September
            • 6-week Postgraduate Programme - Monday 8 August - Friday 16 September

            Will the course be taught online or face to face?

            The 6 week programme for undergraduates will be delivered solely online. We are committed to delivering the 10 week postgraduate programme and the 6 week postgraduate programme face to face at the Warwick campus. These are the models we are working on but due to the ongoing pandemic this could change at a later date and we may need to move to delivering all courses online. The expectation is still that all postgraduate tutors are available and flexible to deliver the programme either face to face or online. If you have a specific issue which means you cannot teach either online or face to face you should notify us as soon as possible. We'll be keeping tutors informed at all stages of the process with any decisions.

            Prior to interview/meeting

            I've been invited to a meeting/interview but can't make any of the dates/times?

            Please contact the Professional Services team ( to arrange an alternative time.

            I've booked a meeting/interview but need to change the date/time?

            You can do this yourself through Microsoft Bookings.

            What happens if I can't make the meeting/interview time?

            You should change your meeting/interview through Microsoft bookings. If you need to cancel on the day, please email

            The Interview/Meeting

            What can I expect from the interview/meeting?

            New tutors
            New tutors will be asked to complete a task (up to ten minutes), the details will be sent to you before the interview and there will be a 30 minute interview with two members of staff from the Department.

            Returners will attend a 20 - 30 minute informal discussion with two member of staff from the Department.

            All interviews and meetings will take place on Microsoft Teams. The link to access the meeting will be generated when you book online.


            When will I hear if I've been successful?

            We will aim to get back to candidates within 10 working days.

            What happens once I've received an offer?

            When you have been informed you have been successful (subject to right to work checks for all and references if you are a new tutor), you should complete the form with the details we request re accommodation and whether you are accepting the post etc. You will then receive a formal contract from us via our Sessional Teaching Payroll Department (STP).

            I've received an offer which is 'subject to student numbers' - what does this mean?

            At the start of the process, we don't know the maximum number of tutors we will require for the programme as it is dependent entirely on student numbers. Once we have appointed our minimum number of tutors we will be making offers subject to student numbers. We appreciate this is not ideal and does not provide the certainty you are looking for but as we won't know our final student numbers until later we cannot commit to everyone straight away. However, as the numbers increase we will let you know if your post has been confirmed as soon as it is possible to do so.

            ​​​​​​​Salary and Benefits

            Is there any movement on the rate of pay?

            The rate of pay is determined by prior experience, knowledge and understanding. As a rule of thumb, all new tutors will be appointed at the bottom of the scale and the returning tutors will be appointed one point above the previous spinal point they were paid at.

            How will I be paid for the teaching?

            Payment for teaching is in arrears, you will submit your timesheets on a weekly basis through the Sessional Teaching Payroll and staff are paid on the 24th of the month. Tutors should submit claims by the Friday of each week and only submit a claim for the week that has been completed. We will provide you with instructions and payroll cut off dates so you know what to do.

            Do I receive holiday pay?

            Yes you will receive pro-rota holiday pay which is 12.07% per hour you work.

            Is there somewhere I can live while teaching on the programme?

            Yes we can provide accommodation in University Halls of Residence on a self catering basis. This will be paid for by the University. You will be able to move into the Halls one night prior to the course starting. The moving out date will be Saturday 17 September. You should note that our accommodation offer is considered a taxable benefit by HMRC, this will not affect your take-home pay but it may have an impact on your tax code. You will see an inflated entry on your payslip which is equal to the benefit plus tax and NI.

            Is there car parking on campus?

            Yes, we will be able to provide a limited number of carparking spaces, please let us know if you require a space on the form we send you post-interview if you are successful.

            Is training provided and when is it? Do I have to attend?

            There will be three full days of training to attend prior to the start of the programme (see dates above) and these are compulsory. Before you accept the post you should make sure that you can attend the dates for the programme and also the training. You will be paid for six hours per day for the training days. 

            Are there CPD opportunities?

            There will be opportunities for Professional Development (CPD), including support towards obtaining the BALEAP TEAP Fellowship award.

            Are there opportunities to socialise?

            Your evenings will be your own and you won't be alone, we're anticipating around 50 staff to be teaching on the programme so there will definitely be chances for staff get togethers. We also organise some specific get togethers for staff during the programme including a welcome event. In addition there will be social events for students which we encourage staff to attend.

            Right to Work in the UK

            I don't know if I have a right to work in the UK?

            We will complete right to work checks before we issue any contracts but you should check the following webpages to check you have a right to work in the UK.We also expect staff to be based in the UK during the programme.

            My main address is abroad, is this a problem? Are there any tax implications for me?

            This will depend on your residency status - each case will be individual and so please raise this if you think there is a problem.

            During the Programme

            Will I be provided with a PC or laptop?

            If you are working on the face to face programme on campus, we will be able to supply you with a laptop for the duration of the programme and there will be printing facilities available. If you are working online only, then we will discuss the options and would anticipate most staff will use their own personal devices. If you have a personal PC or laptop you can use this will ideally need to be under 3 years old and have a windows operating system. We will work with online tutors to identify any IT issues in advance and work with tutors on suitable solutions.

            What are the hours of work and contact hours during the programme?

            Our contracts are for 36.5hours per week and you will also be paid for 6 hours for each day of training during induction:

            • teaching and tutorials which could be either on campus in a classroom setting or online using Microsoft Teams; and
            • preparation, one-to-one feedback and marking, some pastoral responsibility, liaising with colleagues, communicating regularly with students, record keeping and attending meetings.

            Who will I contact if I have problems during the programme?

            Each programme has an Assistant Director of Study who will be able to support you with teaching and the curriculum and there will also be a team or Professional Services staff to support you with operational issues.

            Are mentors provided for new tutors?

            Yes, one of the benefits of having staff returning who have prior experience is that we are able to pair you up with an experienced tutor.

            I have a question about the curriculum, who do I contact?

            You will contact your Assistant Director of Studies or if necessary the Director of Studies.

            What happens if I am sick during the programme/training? Will I be paid?

            You might be eligible for Statutory Sick Pay, please check this webpage for more details.

            Can I take holiday during the programme?

            No, you need to be available for the whole duration of the programme. In exceptional circumstances, tutors should discuss with the Director of Studies.