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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sessional Teachers Handbook & Department Guide Department Guide provide lots of useful information relating to the Sessional Teaching Payroll service.

I can’t log in to the website
This may be because you may not have set up your ITS account. To do this you will need your payroll number. This number is sent to you by STP on email. Once you have this, follow the link Register to set up your account.

If you have forgotten your username or password please go to Find my account

If the problem persists please contact STP on ext.: 24831 or email STP

I am unable to submit my hours on the website
Please contact STP on extension 24831 or email email STP
I have forgotten to submit my hours - can I still get paid?
Yes, however this will depend on payroll cut off dates listed in Sessional Teachers Handbook . If you have missed the submission deadline, hours will be paid in the following month.
Where do I find the Health and Safety and Equality and Diversity Training?

You can find the Health and Safety training here

Find the Equality and Diversity training here

How do I claim holiday pay ?
See the How to claim holiday pay video here
Can I part claim holiday?
You will accrue holiday pay for each STP assignment. If you are working on multiple assignments, you can claim from multiple holiday pay pots. You must claim all the holiday pay in a pot, you cannot request partial payments.
Can I claim expenses?
Your department will inform you of what kind of expenses you can claim. Your STP email contract will reflect that and it will have attached the expenses form. Expenses forms can also be downloaded from here
Am I entitled to claim sick pay?

In the case of absence due to sickness or illness, you may be eligible for statutory sick pay (SSP) provided that you meet the relevant statutory criteria.

Please note that SSP is not payable for the first three days of the period of absence. If you wish to claim SSP you will be expected to complete a Self-Certification Form to cover the first seven days of absence (including non-working days) and thereafter must supply a doctor’s fit note.

Please email completed forms to STP team. If for whatever reason you are unable to attend work, you must inform your department as soon as possible.

When will I get paid?
STP pay day is normally the 24th of each month or the nearest working day before that. To view a schedule of payroll dates, including cut-off dates for timesheet submission, please viewThe Sessional Teacher's Handbook
I think my pay is incorrect

Please check your payslip in the first instance, this will have been posted to the address the university holds for you.

To view timesheets authorised and paid, check on your STP dashboard by logging in
If you still have queries, contact STP on ext.: 24831 or email the STP team

I have a tax or national insurance query, who do I contact?
For queries relating to tax or national insurance, contact HMRC on 0300 200 3300. You will need to state your National Insurance number and your PAYE reference number, which are shown on your payslip. Staff PAYE reference number: 190/U50
My new employer needs a reference- can you provide this information?

Yes. STP can provide basic information relating to your assignments. This includes the dates of your engagement, pay and job title.

Email STP team

How do I request my P45?

When you finish your assignment and wish to request your P45, you can do this by emailing You will need to provide the postal address you would like the P45 sending to along with your final date of work. You should also make sure that you have claimed all of your outstanding holiday pay.

The P45 will take you off the STP payroll. The P45 isn’t produced automatically, as you may wish to remain on the payroll if you anticipate being offered another assignment via STP. If you remain on the payroll for an entire tax year without working, you’ll be removed from the payroll automatically. Being removed from the payroll means that if you subsequently do any further work paid via STP, you will need to be set up on the payroll again. The Payroll team can only produce a P45 at the time of processing the monthly payroll, so as long as it is requested before the submission deadline for worked hours, you should receive it towards the end of the month.

What do I do if I my issues have not been answered / I have a grievance I want to raise?

Where STP Tutors have questions or concerns they should address these to the Module Convenor or the academic they normally liaise with in relation to their teaching role. Should matters not be resolved by them, they can be escalated to the Head of Department. Should all departmental efforts at resolving concerns or complaints fail, then these will be resolved by the PVC Education or nominated representative. All parties should attempt to resolve issues at the local level in the first instance. STP Tutors have the right to be accompanied to all meetings convened for the purpose of dispute resolution by a Trades Union representative or another work colleague.

Summary Escalation Route:

1. Module Convenor/ academic responsible for the role

2. Head of Department or nominated representative

3. PVC Education or nominated representative

4. University Grievance Policy