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CPD World of Work: How is the face of career recruitment changing?

We were delighted to offer exclusive access to the "Changing face of recruitment" webinar to help your support your own development as well as to help your mentee. Usually open to just MBA students, the mentoring team secured access to help with your CPD.

The session covered:

  • The Changes - What has happened ?
  • Trends - What's coming?
  • Future Skills - What do you need?
  • How to get what you need?
  • Panel Discussion
  • Links to key reports

Support Materials:

  1. The Presentation - this includes links to key reports from Deloitte, McKinsey, Accenture, HR Technology and WEF
  2. The Recording - take some out and learn more about the changing face of recruitment ... it is extraordinary how many recruiters are using social media ... and who knew 'text message' based interviews existed

Additional associated material to read and listen ...