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Special event access: Developing a Personal Brand - Workshop, 24 August at 12.00 BST

Summary of workshop

Workshop Event: The Power of Personal Branding for Professional Visibility and Growth in the Digital Age (Eventbrite link)

When: Wednesday 24 August

Time: 12:00-13:30 (BST/UK/London time)

How can you tell people about yourself in a way that is helping them understand what you do, who you are and where you are driving your career?

Do you ever think of yourself as a brand?

What does the concept of 'Personal Branding' mean to you?

We are delighted to offer special access to both WBS mentors and mentees (all student types/alumni) to join the workshops hosted by Nita Lad and Ioana Jago. They will explore the behaviours of professionals around the world in staying relevant, staying visible and building recognition for their professional achievements.

Participants will focus on understanding the impact and growth opportunities of a strong Personal Brand in the digital space. They will look at the anatomy of a Personal Brand and the building blocks designed to equip individuals with an actionable 'Project YOU' plan for visibility, impact and professional growth, in today's global marketplace and digital universe.

Please see more information and register via this Eventbrite link:>> The Power of Personal Branding for Professional Visibility and Growth (

About Ioana Jago:

Ioana Jago is a personal branding advocate and a global marketing and project management professional with a 20-year career which started in Tokyo (Toyota Motor Corporation Japan), and continued in Bucharest (Babel Creative), London (JTB Corporation, UK) and Frankfurt (Jaguar Land Rover Europe), before returning to the UK as a global digital citizen.