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Glossary of IT terms in use at WBS

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Academic Balance Model (ABM)

Model for assisting in the equitable distribution of academic work loads. Accessible to all academic staff and Group Secretaries via the My Admin link in my.wbs. In case of questions please contact your Group Secretary in the first instance. The system replaced the 'Teaching Allocation Plan' TAP in May 2013.

Alumni website
Part of the public website aimed at Alumni of WBS. Available at .


C drive
Part of your computer’s hard disk reserved for program files. Do not store any work here as it may be deleted.
Timetable management software in use at WBS. Managed by Academic Services.


D drive
Part of your local computer’s hard disk where you may store your work.  You are responsible for backing up any work stored here.  Any other user logging into your computer will see any files stored here. See where should I store my files?
Is the background of your computer. Do not store any work here.  It will slow down the login process and is likely to become corrupt.


H Drive
Network location where your settings are stored. You should avoid storing lots of files here. See where should I store my files?


I drive (J drive)
Many departments have a shared drive so that files are available to all members of a group.  Typically this is the I drive although for some groups it may be named J drive. See where should I store my files?
Is an online selection of resources, for staff although parts are visible to students. To access go to, log in and select Intranet.

Information Systems Support Unit (the former name of WBS eSolutions).

IT Services

The IT Department for the University of Warwick. Although in WBS most IT resources are provided by WBS Solutions (see below) some campus-wide resources are provided by IT Services (e.g. the network including wifi). Visit the IT Services website at .




The university-wide staff email system, provided by Microsoft.




The student email for most WBS PG students who started after August 2008. Accessed via . This service was ended for most students in 2016 although WBS PhD students still receive these accounts.

MIS (Management Information System)
The main database system of WBS that stores data on staff and students.
An online learning environment that forms the main way for academics to communicate with students. To access my.wbs go to .


WBS eSolutions

The IT Department within Warwick Business School. WBS eSolutions build and maintain my.wbs, the www.wbs websites and manage computers, printers and networked resources in WBS.

www.wbs website
The main public-facing website of WBS. Maintained by the Marketing and Communications group. Available at .