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When will my student account be terminated?

Central IT Services Account

All students have central university accounts of the form u1234567. These are managed by central IT Services and typically will be terminated a couple of weeks after a student's course finishes. Questions about these accounts should be directed to the central ITS Helpdesk on . IT Services also provide an email address ending Again, questions about this should be directed to the central ITS Helpdesk on helpdesk at warwick dot ac dot uk.

WBS account and my.wbs access

Many students also have a WBS account. These are easily recognizable as they contain numbers that represent the start year of your course (e.g. fm18xx).

WBS accounts are closed in the September after you graduate. The timetable for a typical student on a one-year course is given below:

  • Start course Sept 18
  • Finish course Sept 19
  • Graduate June 20
  • Account terminated Sept 20

The account is kept open in this way to give continued access to my.wbs for a time after your course is finished.

WBS Email accounts

WBS PhD and DBA students receive mail.wbs email accounts hosted by Google. WBS has no intention of ever closing or changing these although Google could choose to end this service at some time in the future.

Card access to buildings

Privileged building access (e.g. to the PG IT Suite and library) will cease as soon as your courses finishes (typically on September 30th) except for students who have been given an official course extension.