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Druva - easy backup for WBS staff who use laptops

Druva is a service that copies files from your laptop / mobile device to servers at WBS ensuring that your work is safe even if your device is damaged or stolen. By default it backs up your work every 8 hours and works whenever you have an Internet connection.

Druva image

The key benefits are:

  • Regular backups of your mobile devices (laptops, phones and tablets etc)
  • Web access to your files
  • The ability to recover previous versions of files
  • Works on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

WBS eSolutions recommends that all WBS staff who use laptops set up Druva, even if they use an additional backup method as well. Druva has been fully tested with both Dropbox and Google Drive and worked perfectly without affecting the operation of the other.

Who can use Druva?

WBS holds 200 licences for Druva, which should be enough for every staff member who uses a WBS-supplied mobile device. All costs for Druva are met by WBS eSolutions. Each staff member gets an initial quota of 20GB although this can be increased where necessary and appropriate.

Sounds great, how do I sign up?

To sign up for Druva please email help at wbs dot ac dot uk to request an account.

Installation and user guide

Once the Helpdesk set up your account you should receive an automatic email with your login details. Once you have received this please select your operating system via the icon below for setup instructions.

windows2.jpeg apple