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Storage quotas and requesting more space

Users are able to store files on servers at Warwick Business School. Space is limited however and so users have a quota set. Typically students get around 500MB of space while staff get more.

You can find out how much of your quota you have remaining by clicking the quota check icon in the 'Utilities' folder of WBS Applications.

 Quota check icon

If you are running out of space, email the Helpdesk ( ) to request more space. Please include the following:

  • Your usercode
  • A telephone number (if available)
  • An indication of how much more space you would like
  • An indication of how long you will need the extra space for

Before increasing the space available to a user we will check the current usage to ensure it is not being used for non WBS-related activities e.g. storing photographs, videos etc that are not related to your course or job.