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Surface Hubs

Introductory video from WBS

Whiteboard update (July 2019)

The new version of Whiteboard replaces Whiteboard 2016 and has many new capabilities — including persisted whiteboards, enhanced collaboration, and support for Windows, iOS, and Web platforms:

  • Cloud-backed persistence of whiteboards in Microsoft Azure, so that users can create multiple boards which are automatically saved (requires sign-in)
  • Support for Windows 10 and Windows 10 S computers, iOS devices, and a Web App (Preview)
  • Enhanced collaboration — including inviting or revoking access to specific users, and presence bubbles to see who is actively working on a board
  • New canvas features — including sticky notes, text, images, velocity eraser, and more.

See Microsoft Whiteboard Help for more details on how to use all the functionality

1-minute video guidance from Microsoft


For support with getting the most out of Microsoft Surface Hubs at WBS please see: