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Setting up Outlook to check your Office 365 account in Windows 10

Starting in August 2016 WBS is moving to Windows 10 from Windows 7. These instructions are for staff who are using Windows 10 and want to set up Outlook to check their work email account.


  • Click the Windows button (square Windows icon in the bottom left or press the Windows button the keyboard) and type 'control.exe' without the quotes. Select the 'Control Panel' result from the returned list

    Search for control.exe and click on the returned result

  • Type "mail" (without the quotes) in the top right search box. Select the Mail (32-bit) result

    Select the mail option from the Control Panel

  • If you are not invited to Add a new mail account then click Show Profiles

    Show profiles

  • Click Add…

    Click Add

  • Name your profile something meaningful to you such as 'Warwick email'. Click OK

    Name your profile something meaningful such as Warwick mail
  • Enter your name and email address using the form ITS (as shown below). Your ITS username takes the form of either e.g. or e.g. . Don’t worry, this will not be your actual email address. Type your ITS password (twice) and click OK.

  • You will likely see a message like below. Select allow and enter your ITS password (again!) if prompted.

    Click to allow autodiscover to set up your mail account

  • It may take a few minutes to set up your Outlook profile. Once complete you will see a message similar to that below.

  • Ensure the ‘Always use this profile’ option is selected and select the ‘Warwick email’ profile you have just created from the drop down list (see below). Click OK until all dialogue boxes are closed.

    Ensure the always use this profile option is selected along with the Warwick email option

  • You are now ready to start Outlook. Click the Windows button (or you'll probably find it easier to get into the habit of pressing the Windows key to the left of the space bar) and type ‘Outlook’ into the search bar (without the quotes). Select Outlook from the search results.

    Press the Windows key and search for Outlook. Select Outlook to start.
  • The first time Outlook starts you will need to enter your password. It is up to you whether you tick the box to remember your password so that you don't need to do this each time. Each time you open Outlook it will take around a minute to download new emails and synchronise changes. The first time only that you do this the synchronisation process could take a number of minutes.