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Permissions for and ownership of resource accounts

Access to WBS resource accounts is determined by membership of a "security group".

You can see a list of these security groups using the address book in the Outlook client or web access. They all start with "ZZ" so searching for this will bring up the full list. (searching for "wbs" in the address book brings up a list of the accounts that these relate to, aswell as our temp accounts)

There are typically two security groups for each resource account - one that gives "fullaccess" - this is in fact full read access to the account, and another that allows "sendas" permissions.

You can view the owner and current membership of each of these groups by opening them up in the address book.

If you need access to an account that you don't currently have access to, please ask the owner. If the owner has left or isn't available, please contact the WBS helpdesk. Note that other members of the group cannot assign permissions, and that you can't email the group itself.