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iPads @ Warwick Business School

ipads.jpgThis information is primarily aimed at WBS staff who have, or are considering, purchasing an Apple iPad using WBS funds. It may also be of some relevance to students.


How To order a WBS iPad

1. Decide on the configuration you require

When buying an iPad the you have five important decisions to make as shown below. You can see the pricing effect of the various options by visiting the Apple store. Note that Apple consider the iPad a consumer device and so there is no educational discount. If you need any further advice about the options please contact help at wbs dot ac dot uk

  • What size screen?
    The iPad is available in screen sizes of 8.3" (mini), 10.2", 10.5" (Air), 11" (Pro) and 12.9"(Pro).
  • Wi-fi only or Wi-fi & Cellular?
    It costs approximately GBP100 more to have an iPad with 4G access as opposed to Wi-fi only. If you choose wi-fi only then the iPad will work fine when within range of a wireless hotspot. Outside of this however you will have no way of connecting to the Internet. With the 4G option you have the ability to connect to the cellular phone network to get data access but you still need some kind of data contract. For the University this must be with Vodafone and costs GBP10.00 plus VAT for 5GB of data. If you select the wi-fi only version it is not possible to upgrade later. If you are not sure you can select the 4G version now but not sign up for a contract. That way you can decide later if you wish to have 4G data as well.
  • Storage size: 64GB to 2TB?
    You must decide when purchasing how much space you will need on your iPad. There is no way of adding additional storage to an iPad (e.g. no USB ports or similar). The best way of estimating the storage you require may be to look at the files you currently have. Unless you have lots of videos and photographs 64GB is normally sufficient.
  • Do you want to purchase a cover and (the big question) what colour should it be?
    It is probably a good idea to buy some sort of cover. The official Apple Smartcovers offer some benefits such as automatically turning the device on and off when they are opened. For more details and to view the colours available see

2. If you wish to purchase an iPad, please use the online 'iPad Application' form on our helpdesk portal here: This form will sent on for approval.

3. Wait to hear from WBS eSolutions that your iPad has arrived.

Frequently asked questions

How often can I upgrade my iPad?

  • We expect iPads to last a minimum of 3 years.


How do I install Microsoft Office

  • In the app store search for microsoft and then select the applications you require. The first time you run the app you will need to login using your IT Services usercode

How can I synchronise my WBS staff email and calendar?

Download the Outlook app from the App store and login with your IT Services user code or


How can I synchronise my wbs student email and calendar?

For the answer to this question and more about the student mail.wbs service see .

How do I connect to my office pc?

Please see