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Mac support

While we try to offer support the lack of management of these devices does mean they are expected largely to be self-supported.

The areas we can support are...

  1. Anti-virus - The University has a site license for Kaspersky for Mac. Download
  2. Email - connecting to the University Office 365 email system. Email page
  3. Printing to group multi function printers (STAFF ONLY). Printing page
  4. Software - The University offers some software with a site licence that will run an a Mac. IT Services software page
  5. Backing up your work - WBS provides two services to back up your work for free. We recommend that you enable both of these.
    • Apple TimeMachine - Business School staff can back up their Macs using the TimeMachine service offered by central IT Services. All costs for this are met by WBS IT. Please note that by default this will only backup your machine while you are on campus. TimeMachine page
  6. Network storage - How to connect to your group shared drive. Shared drive page

If you are new to the Mac Operating system you may find the following support page from Apple useful


How to use the staple feature in word on a Kyocera printer