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Printing from your own devices using Driver Print

Mac logo A little more effort is required to enable printing from an Apple Mac. Please see these alternate instructions

Driver Print takes a little effort to set up but allows you to print any file from your personal device to a WBS printer. If you want an easier solution, or if you are using a Smartphone or tablet then have a look at WebPrint instead.

  • Open a browser and visit
  • Log in with your WBS username (something like MF12XX)

    Login with your WBS username (something like MF12XX)

  • Select the Driver Print tab
  • Select the 'Advanced' option if you need to use advanced printing options
  • Select your operating system from the options at the bottom of that page (Windows, Linux or Mac OS) and follow the detailed instructions carefully
  • Take particular care when selecting to which printer you want to send jobs. Although you can print to any printer you won't physically be able to get to some printers to collect your jobs:
    • Specialist Masters and PhD students should only select 'Kyocera Pull Queue'. These jobs can be retrieved by swiping your card on any WBS reader-enabled printer (there are three devices in the PG IT Suite, four in PG Grid, and two on the ground floor of the WBS Teaching Centre)
    • MBA students select the MBA Printer; there are two physical printers located on the ground floor of the Executive Teaching Centre and the print is released automatically to whichever printer is free so check both.

Advanced Print

If case of problems with the above use Web Print instead. It requires no installation and works from any device with an Internet connection.