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Printing from your own Mac using Driver Print

Printing from your personal Apple Mac is enabled by a commercial product, EveryonePrint. Its Driver Print option takes a little extra effort to set up on an Apple Mac but only needs doing once and then allows you to print any file from your personal Mac to a WBS printer. If you want an easier solution, or if you are using a Smartphone or tablet then have a look at WebPrint instead.

Step 1: Obtain the latest Mac drivers for the printer

  • Mac drivers for the large Black Kyocera devices are available from the Kyocera website (use the TASKalfa 5501i drivers - see bottom of page)
  • Once downloaded click on the driver package and follow the wizard to install these drivers. Finally you should end up with the following success message

    Successful Installation message

Step 2: Log into EveryonePrint to obtain the correct settings

  • Open a browser and visit
  • Log in with your WBS username (something like MF12XX)

    Login with your WBS username (something like MF12XX)

  • Select the Driver Print tab
  • Select the Mac OS option from the bottom of that page and follow the detailed instructions carefully but bearing in mind the following notes/corrections.
  • It is recommended you select the 'Advanced' option

    Printer Choice

  • Select the appropriate printer:
    • WBS Masters students: Select Kyocera Pull Queue - Printing can be collected from the black Kyocera devices located in the PGIT Suite - 0.101a, PG Grid 1.002 and WTC Ground Floor
    • PhD researchers: Select Kyocera Pull Queue - Printing can be collected from 0.101a, PG Grid 1.002, WTC Ground and First Floor and 2.008.
    • MBA Students: Select MBA Printer. Printing can be collected from either of the two devices on the ground floor of the Executive Teaching Centre (Zone 3)

  • Follow the instructions specific to the printer chosen and ensure you select the correct driver:

    Select Printer Software

    Select the 5500i driver
  • NB the printer model is now Kyocera CS 5501i (KPDL)
  • When presented with the opportunity do select the finishing options as below (the auto-built instructions advise you to skip this step but if you do so you will not be able to staple)

    Select these finisher options

If case of problems with the above use Web Print instead. It requires no installation and works from any device with an Internet connection.