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Limit to the support for local printers

Local printers (ink jets or lasers) can be wonderful devices. At a very reasonable initial cost (about GBP50 plus VAT for an inkjet or GBP90 plus VAT for a personal laser) they give the ability to print at a reasonable cost.

They are not suited for heavy duty printing however due to their lack of speed, resilience and the costs of ink/toner. Although personal printers are cheap to buy, the manufacturers make most of their money from spending on replacement ink cartridges/toner.

Personal printers are manufactured as consumable devices, typically being constructed in such a way that does not allow for the replacement of parts. Usually they give a life of 12-18 months before they start to encounter problems such as squeaking, smearing, jamming or picking up multiple sheets of paper.

Out of warranty personal printers (i.e. those over a year old) that develop problems should be thrown away and a new one purchased. It is a waste of school resources for us to look at such printers as maintenance is impossible or impractical.

Staff wishing to purchase a new personal printer should contact Dene Statham ( dene dot statham at wbs dot ac dot uk ) for more information.