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Printing from your personal laptop via iPrint - Windows XP only

Note these instructions have been tested with Windows XP only. They may not work with other operating systems. Windows Vista users please click here .


You wish to print to WBS printers from your personal laptop which is connected to the Internet.


  1. Printer usage is monitored for all WBS users. Any user found to be misusing this facility may face action. In particular you may not print out work for other students who are not members of WBS.

  2. To use this service you will need to install a small program onto your personal computer. As with any installation this involves a small risk that your computer’s configuration could be damaged and you could potentially lose work. Please note that ISSU regrets that it will not be able to offer support if you have problems following the installation of this program. Please follow these steps at your own risk.

  3. You will need sufficient rights to your personal machine in order to be able to install the software.


The procedure is split into four steps below.

  1. Set a password for your Hotspot (VPN) account

  2. Connect to the network securely using VPN

  3. Install iPrint Client

  4. Install iPrinters


The instructions assume you are connected to a wireless hotspot. When you first open an internet page after connecting, you will need to authenticate to the public network, using either your WBS or your ITS login details.

log into wireless hotspot


Step 1. Setting a password for your Hotspot (VPN) account


There are a number of wireless hotspots around WBS. Before you can connect to them using VPN, you will need to set up a password specifically for VPN connections. You can do this online:


You will be redirected to a Warwick web sign-on page, asking you to log in using your IT Services login details.


changing your wireless password


You will then be allowed to set a password for your Hotspot account.

setting your hotspot account password


Step 2. Connecting to the network securely using VPN


Make sure you’re connected to a wireless hotspot.


Start by opening the Network Connections page (This depends on the configuration of your computer, but you can get there through Start > Control Panel > Network Connections, or Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections).


creating a new connection


'New Connection' wizard


Click on the Create a new connection link to start the New Connection Wizard.


Click Next.

'New Connection' wizard


Select Connect to the network at my workplace.


Click Next

'New Connection' wizard


Select Virtual Private Network connection.


Click Next.

'New Connection' wizard


Type in Warwick Hotspot VPN


Click Next.



For the Host name or IP address, type in and click Next

'New Connection' Wizard

Select Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop and click Finish

NB. Depending on the configuration of your computer, you may get one or two extra steps in the process above. If you are not sure which option to choose, leave it as default.


Log in using your ITS username and the VPN password you have set up in step 1.


log in to the VPN


Step 3. Installing iPrint Client


Once you’re connected to the VPN, open a web browser and go to

If this is the first time you are using iPrint, you will need to install iPrint Client, by clicking the link ‘Install iPrint Client’.

installing iPrint client


Choose Run if you are ready to install the Client now, and Save if you would like to install it later.

select 'Run'


Agree to any security messages that follow and follow the installation through by clicking Next and Finish at the end of the Wizard.

Restart your computer.


Step 4. Installing iPrinters

Once the iPrint Client is installed, you are ready to install the iPrinters.

Make sure you are connected to the wireless hotspot. Connect to the Warwick Hotspot VPN, using the shortcut on your desktop.


desktop icon


Go to

Select the printer you would like to install. If you are a post-graduate student, choose one of the iprint-pg-2060a, if you are an MBA student, choose one of the PHASE1-RICOH printers in the list.
















Authenticate to the printer using your WBS username and password.

printer authentication

Note: if you get an error message saying Authentication Failed, you do not have permissions to install this printer. If you believe this is an error and you should be allowed to connect, please contact the helpdesk.


Click OK and allow the printer to install.

select 'OK'


You will be informed once the printer has finished installing.

successful installation


It is strongly recommended you check the paper size associated with the printer. To do this, click Start > Printers and Faxes


locating newly added printer(s)


Locate the printer you have just installed. Right click and select Properties.


checking settings


Ensure the paper size is set to A4. If not you will need to change this. If you have problems changing the paper size please contact the Helpdesk.

Once the installation is complete, you can install the other printers by going to

The steps above only need to be done once. The next time you need to use iPrint, all you need to do is connect to Warwick Hotspot VPN (using the shortcut set up on your desktop) and you are ready to print.

If you have any comments / questions about this tip sheet please contact the Helpdesk on or Tel 22522.