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Lecture theatre AV: Quick Start

Control Panels (see below for usage instructions)

The lectern has two control panels similar to that shown below. These are identical. The duplication provides backup in case one panel fails and also allows you to prepare, for example, a video on one panel and a PowerPoint presentation on the other.

AV Crestron System

For basic use we recommend you use the left panel for lighting control and the right one for selecting your source (PC, Video or DVD etc).

How to use the equipment

1. If the Control Panel Touch Screens are black touch the screens to turn them on

2. Turn on the projector by pressing the PWR button on the Control Panel.

3. Turn the computer monitor on (power button is to the bottom right)

4. Select the lighting level you desire using the ‘Lighting buttons’ on the left control panel.

5. Select the source you require using the ‘Source buttons’ on the right control panel e.g.:

  • If you are using the WBS computer (in the cabinet to the right) ensure it is turned on. Select the ‘PC’ source button on the right control panel. Log in with the username shown below. No password is required.













  • If you are using your personal laptop connect it using the video cable on the lectern. Select the ‘L/TOP’ source button on the right control panel

6. The display on the right Control Panel Touch Screen will change to show a ‘Project to Audience’ option.

Until you press this the output will only show on the local monitor and any sound will not be audible to the audience. When you are ready to project to the audience click this option on the right Control Panel Touch Screen.

control panel

7. You can swap between input sources during your presentation by clicking on the appropriate ‘source buttons’.

When finished please ensure you turn off the projector by holding down the ‘PWR’ button on either Control Panel until the room lights become bright and the projector turns off

Troubleshooting Problems

If the projector does not project then the most likely cause is that the system was not turned off correctly by the previous presenter. To reset the system turn the projector off and back on again by holding the PWR button down for 2 seconds, releasing and then pressing again for a further 2 seconds.

Please ensure you turn the system off when you leave