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Information for Visiting Presenters at WBS


You are a visitor to Warwick Business School who will make a presentation in one of our Lecture Theatres or similar. It is strongly recommended that you read the information below before coming to WBS to ensure your presentation goes as intended.

Description of lecture theatres and other rooms

WBS has 10 lecture theatres in addition to teaching, seminar and meeting rooms. gives details of all such rooms.

Access control

  • Our buildings and teaching rooms are protected by access control systems for the security of users and to protect the environment and equipment. Please be sure to read and follow the instructions issued by your hosting group to avoid the nuisance of access problems. If an access PIN code is issued, please make sure you have it with you when you visit.

Getting Help

  • Each teaching room has a support phone. Please use this if you require assitance while setting up or during a teaching session ( regular working hours only ). If you have questions ahead of time please contact us on or 024 765 22522 (22522 from internal phones).
  • Your hosting group have staff who are skilled in the use of the AV control systems.
  • Please be aware that there is no out-of-hours technical support unless pre-arranged by your hosting group.
  • Although theatres are checked and maintained regularly, there is always a risk of an equipment failure during a presentation.


  • You can find out more information on the teaching rooms here.
  • Each theatre has a radio microphone or similar. If you wish to use this please contact your hosting group, who will arrange for its availability.
  • Computer login details for each theatre are shown on the lectern.
  • External laptops can easily be connected to the projector

Transporting your Presentation

  • It is strongly recommended you send your presentation to your hosting group ahead of time so they can load it onto the lectern PC.
  • If you are unable to provide the presentation ahead of time you should ensure you have at least two copies of it (e.g. on USB memory stick and email).
  • Presentations with video, or similar, embedded should always be sent well ahead of time to ensure the presentation shows as desired.

Disabled Facilities – please let us know if you require particular assistance

  • All our theatres are equipped with induction loops for the hard of hearing.
  • All theatres have variable height lecterns.
  • Some theatres have disabled access ramps.


  • Please see your hosting group for any pens, batteries etc that you may need.
  • Many of our theatres have CCTV cameras for the safety and security of WBS staff, students, visitors and equipment. No sound is recorded. Video is recorded but recording can be viewed by only one member of WBS staff, who is registered to do so under the Data Protection Act and will only ever view recordings when asked to do so as part of an official (usually police) investigation after an incident has been reported. Video is not released to outside parties without a court order or similar.