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Equipment disposal

Equipment provided through central WBS funds 

Computers, Ricoh network printers and networked colour printers for teaching groups are all provided through central WBS funds. ISSU is responsible for disposing of this equipment for WBS staff. There is no charge for this service.

Like the rest of the University, WBS does not sell (or even give) obsolete PCs or laptops to staff as there are too many legal issues - software licences, the need to clear down data securely, health and safety liability if there is an electrical fault, potential responsibility if at end of life the equipment is not disposed of in an environmentally suitable way etc. This decision was made following an in depth investigation by both IT Services and the Purchasing Office.

Data on obsolete PCs is thoroughly deleted, either by the receiving organisation or IT Services, depending on the disposal process.

Equipment funded by group funds

Scanners, local printers and other similar devices are funded from group funds. Disposal of these items should be arranged by the groups with IT Services, using their IT Equipment Disposal Service. Full details of this service, including costs and contact details to obtain a disposal form, can be found on the IT Services website at