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Use of L:\theatres_staff

The L: drive contains a folder called L:\theatres_staff that is designed to assist staff when making presentations. This folder is available to all staff when they log into any WBS computer while connected to the network. The intention is that staff can put a copy of presentation material in this folder and then be able to access that same material from any WBS lectern machine.

  • This folder is only accessible from rooms in WBS (i.e. not rooms in the central University).
  • This folder should only ever hold copies of materials. It is a temporary storage space only.
  • Anything stored in this folder is visible to any other member of WBS staff.
  • Although students do not have access to this folder they would be able to see the contents were they to log into a lectern machine using the login details shown in the room.
  • eSolutions will, without notice, delete the the files that have not been accessed for the longest time in order to create space. At other times eSolutions will send out a warning in advance of any such deletions.
  • Students have a similar folder L:\theatres_students for when they make presentations. eSolutions will, without notice, delete files from this should the folder become full, again starting with those which have not been accessed for the longest period of time.