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Purchasing Software

When staff wish to purchase software it is in everyone's interest to ensure that duplicate licences are not accidentally being purchased and that any bulk-buy discount opportunites are being realised.

For this reason the University's Purchasing department have created the following form that must be completed before any software order can be placed. Advice must be sought from IT Services (not eSolutions) for certain questions as well as Research and Impact Services (RIS).

Request for Approval of Software Agreement form (Excel Spreadsheet) (from the Purchasing website). If this link ever breaks please visit the Purchasing website and search from there.

Stage 1: Obtain approval to purchase the software

  1. Download the above form
  2. The person requesting the software should complete all of Section A and all of Section B except for questions 3-6. If you have problems completing any of these parts please contact the eSolution's helpdesk for advice.
  3. Complete the ‘Approval of Software License Agreement’ from the IT Services self-service menu. IT Services will review your responses and will advise regarding questions 3-5. In parallel email a copy of the form to Research and Impact Services for advice regarding question 6. There is no nominated contact for such queries but Simon Jones (simon dot jones at warwick dot ac dot uk) may be a good first contact.
  4. Respond to any queries or requests for additional information from either central IT Services or RIS.
  5. Assuming you receive positive responses from central IT Services and RIS then print out the form along with those responses and take the whole lot to WBS Finance. They will check the form, provide departmental approval if appropriate and forward to Purchasing for approval.
  6. Assuming all goes well you will receive an approved form. Please forward a copy of that to eSolutions (help at wbs dot ac dot uk) as it may help with future similar requests.

Stage 2: Creating the software order - not to be started until you have received an approved form from stage 1

  1. Either raise the software order on OPeRA or contact eSolutions (help at wbs dot ac dot uk) who will do this on your behalf. It is recommended to attach a scanned copy of the approved form from Stage 1 to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  2. The order is placed by WBS Finance
  3. The software is typically delivered to the requester via an email with a link. Please forward any such email to eSolutions (help at wbs dot ac dot uk). We will make the software available to users as stipulated by you and the licence. We shall also record the details in our software database to keep them safe in case you need to reinstall in the future.