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Creating PDF documents

Assignments at WBS typically have to be submitted as PDF documents. There are a range of options for creating PDF documents but the following are those methods PDF logorecommended by WBS eSolutions - and they are both free!

Using the 'Save as PDF' functionality in Microsoft Office

Since Office 2007, Microsoft has had the option to save documents / spreadsheets etc directly from Office into the PDF format. For some versions of Office, particularly Office 2007, you must install a free add-on from the Microsoft site. For more recent versions this should be included and so you should find the option to 'Save as PDF'. Note that all students at Warwick are entitled to a free copy of MIcrosoft Office 2013.

Full instructions on saving as a PDF can be found on the Microsoft site, with those for Office 2013 available here. Once a document is converted to a PDF it is difficult to convert back to an Office format. It is strongly recommended therefore that you make a copy of your Office document and convert that to PDF.

Free licence for Nuance PDF Converter

The University of Warwick holds a licence for Nuance PDF Converter that includes the right for students and staff to install the software onto personal computers for University work. For more details see the central IT Services website.