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Upgrades to WBS teaching rooms this summer

This summer the seminar rooms B0.08/B0.09 and the PG IT Suite teaching rooms D0.04/D0.05 were upgraded. Some of the improvements include:

Wide lecterns with plenty of space for papers and even somewhere to sit down!

wide lecterns

Increased whiteboard space with high-quality glass whiteboards and a motorised screen

Glass whiteboards

Ceiling-mounted visualisers (D0.04/5 or folding visualisers B0.08/9) to maximise lectern space and to allow you to use whiteboards while still facing your audience

visualisers designed to maximise lectern space

Also (but sorry, no photos):

  • Confidence monitors towards the backs of the rooms to allow you to see what your audience can see without having to turn around
  • Automatic re-configuration of the system in D0.04/5 based on the position of the movable wall (i.e. automatically to link the rooms when the wall is removed)
  • New computers throughtout all rooms
  • New components offering improved audio and projection
  • Touch screen confidence monitors on flexible arms