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Project timeline

WBS GroupWise migration - Indicative high-level timeline (Note: timeline is subject to change as we go through the planning process).

Project timeline

General Communications:

Information about the project will be communicated. This will be high-level initially and then in more detail, in the autumn term, as information about the migration and support strategy emerges following the testing process.

Road Shows:

Road shows will commence during the summer holidays, and will continue at the beginning of the autumn term when more people are available. They will provide an opportunity to demonstrate what the Live@edu service looks like from the client and OWA (Outlook Web Access) perspective; allow us to respond to the concerns raised at the initial demonstrations such as Send-As permissions; and to answer any other questions which may be raised.

Planning, Design and Test Migration Strategy:

The project team will be defining the migration strategy. This strategy will be based on migration tools available. Once we have tested the process, we will understand how long it will take to move each user from the in-house GrouopWise system to Live@edu and can document the user experience throughout the process. In addition, the support process for the migration will be defined and tested.

Pilot users will be identified during this stage.


The pilot will run during December. Who will take part in the pilot will be agreed during the planning process. The purpose of this pilot is to test the following (but is not limited to):

  • That the migration tool works as expected
  • Mass Mailing via Web Groups
  • Sharing of calendars and email folders
  • Visibility of Global Address List (GAL) through the process
  • Use of Distribution Lists
  • Use of personal ‘Rules’ – forward, move to folder etc
  • Auto-discovery of Live@edu from WBS managed machines
  • Auto-discovery of Live@edu from non-managed machines
  • Resource Account access and email sending

Full Migration:

The migration of WBS email is expected to start in February 2012, and will continue until complete. The migration strategy will be defined as part of the planning process and communicated during the Autumn term. The planning and testing process will define the timescales for this part of the project.