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Retirement of the Student GroupWise service

The University of Warwick has decided to outsource its staff email system. The Senior Management Team of Warwick Business School have taken this opportunity to retire the WBS GroupWise system and outsource the email of staff and students.

Student and PhD Researchers who have GroupWise accounts will be migrated to the current student Googlemail system. WBS has been running such a system since 2009 and have found it to be reliable, powerful and easy to use.

We are confident that students will find the Googlemail system provides a much improved email service, incorporating the following benefits:

  • Mailbox quota of 25GB; that is at least 100 times greater than your current email quota
  • Access to a whole suite of other tools including Google Docs, Reader and Calendar
  • Easy access from a range of devices, including smartphones and iPads
  • You can keep this full email account after you graduate. In particular, WBS will never close your account although, in theory, Google could choose to do this at some point in the distant future.
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When will this change happen?

  • Email accounts will be migrated between September and October 2011.
  • Sometime in October your current official email address (of the form will be redirected so that anything sent to it is delivered to your new Googlemail account. You will be alerted individually as to when this change will occur.
  • GroupWise will be retired on 30th November 2011. After this time any information left in the GroupWise system will no longer be available.


Will my current email address keep working?

  • As part of the migration you will be given a new email address
  • Any messages sent to your old 'official' email address (of the form will continue to be delivered. Until the date specified to you such messages will continue to be delivered to your GroupWise account. Once the delivery change is made centrally messages will be delivered to your new Googlemail account.