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Research areas

Accounting as organisational and social practice
Capital market-based accounting
Accounting theory Accounting disclosures and stock market returns
Accounting and information systems The role of accounting narratives
Critical accounting The valuation of firms
Environmental and ecological accounting The role of investment analysts
The accounting profession The value relevance of intangibles
Accounting education Stock market anomalies
Valuation studies (social and public value) Corporate social responsibility

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Fiona Anderson-Gough’s research interests are in professional identity and accountability, professional service firms, and more broadly in truth, expertise and ethics within accounting and management. Fiona has recently published in Accounting, Organizations and Society and Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

Jo Horton’s current research interests are in auditing, fraud detection, securities analysts and financial reporting. Jo has most recently published on these topics in the Journal of Accounting and Economics, Research Policy and European Accounting Review.

Raffaele Manini's research interests are in corporate governance, international regulations, and disclosure. In particular, Raffaele’s research agenda explores how board of directors composition shapes firms’ performance and information environment, and how international financial and non-financial regulations impact firms’ corporate governance decisions.

Facundo Mercado’s research focus is in financial accounting using an empirical archival methodology. Facundo’s areas of interest include financial reporting and disclosure, with a specific interest in the determinants and consequences of voluntary disclosure and the interaction between voluntary disclosure and reporting policies.

Yuval Millo’s research interests are in measuring social value, securities analysts and financial technology. Yuval has most recently published on these topics in the European Accounting Review and in Contemporary Accounting Research.

One of Yuval's recent project's includes value-creation, Mutual Value MeasurementLink opens in a new window

Selina Pei's research interests are in shareholder activists, hedge funds, and their effects on information in the capital markets. Selina has also explored the relationship between information processing and textual characteristics of information sources, including social media and audit reports.

Dan Segal's research interests are in the area of financial accounting. Dan has most recently published in the Review of Accounting Studies, Management Science, and Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Hendrik Vollmer’s research interests are in accounting and social theory, valuation, and ecology. Hendrik has most recently published on these topics in Accounting, Organizations and Society and in Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal.

Pauline Wu's current research interests are in auditing, financial regulations, and disclosure. Pauline is particularly interested in studying how machine learning algorithms can improve firm efficiency and the impact of regulatory changes on firm behavior.

Zhongnan Xiang's research agenda centers on corporate disclosure, including financial reporting, corporate governance, and debt contracting. The corporate disclosure issues I have studied include earnings conference calls, private investor conferences, Form 8-Ks, and patent examiners’ review reports.

Zhifang Zhang’s research interests are in the area of corporate governance and financial accounting. Zhifang has most recently published on these topics in the Journal of Corporate Finance, British Journal of Management, and in Journal of Business Ethics.  

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