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Engage Britain

Get involved in an online conversation about the UK's future: Make your voice heard

An academic team from Warwick is partnering with a new charity called Engage Britain to harness and analyse the views of thousands of people across the country on the biggest challenges facing the UK. It will be one of the largest online ‘conversations’ ever conducted.

How does it work?

Engage Britain’s mission is to bring people together to help find ways forward on some of the UK’s biggest policy challenges. Engage Britain has launched the online conversation in partnership with the digital platform Polis.

The aim is to better understand views of people from across the UK (including a nationally representative sample of the population). The results will be used to inform which policy issues Engage Britain focuses on in the next five years.

All responses are completely anonymous.


How can I get involved?

It's quick and easy to take part.

All you need to do is tell us what you think are the biggest challenges facing the UK, or simply state whether you ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ with the opinions of other people. It can take as little as two minutes to complete.

Once the conversation is over, a team of behavioural scientists from Warwick, comprising Professor Andrea Isoni, Dr Ashley Luckman, Dr Tim Mullet and PhD student Neo Poon, will work with Engage Britain to analyse the data.

The Warwick team will be using a range of analytical techniques to see how, when and where groupings of opinion start to emerge, and to look at which issues have the potential to bridge divides.

Take part and make your voice heard