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Policymakers Lab

Policymakers Lab

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What is the Lab?

The Policymakers Lab comprises civil servants and politicians interested in lending their expertise to contribute to and inform academic research. Policymakers in the Lab will receive invitations to complete online surveys, with opportunities for additional engagement.

Research drawing on insights from policymakers can shed light on the priorities and perspectives of those in important roles for society. This research may inform how policymakers decide how to allocate government funds, the barriers involved, and tools that might support policymakers. By participating in the Lab, you will contribute crucial insights for this type of research. In appreciation for your participation, you will receive early access to research results and summaries of key insights from the Lab. You will also have the opportunity to receive small incentives for the studies you complete.

The Policymakers Lab is hosted by Mattie Toma at the University of Warwick. You may contact Mattie with any questions at

If you are interested in participating, please click the "Sign Up Now" button below to complete an onboarding survey, which should take no more than 5 minutes of your time.

Am I eligible to participate?

Do you work, or did you formally work, in a role involving policymaking, regulatory, or legislative responsibilities, including but not limited to civil service and political roles in central government? If so, you are eligible, regardless of the particular policy area in which you work!

Will you respect my time?

All surveys administered in the Lab are reviewed beforehand, to ensure that they i) are relevant to policymaker decision-making, ii) do not place an undue burden on your time (e.g. take more than 15 minutes to complete), and iii) are developed by academics. All research projects run through the Lab will require ethical approvals.

Are my answers confidential?

Yes, your data will be protected, and your individual responses will never be shared without your permission

Further information for interested researchers

If you are interested in running a study through the Policymakers Lab, please complete the introductory survey. You may also contact Mattie Toma at with any questions.