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Refund Policy

The deposit is refundable if applicants do not meet the conditions outlined in their offer letter.

Deposits will only be refunded if an applicant fails to formally enrol because:

  • They require a standard visitor visa and have had their visa application refused or rejected.
  • They have taken all reasonable steps to meet the conditions of their offer but have failed to do so (evidence of this must be submitted).

Requests for a refund for any other reason will only be considered in exceptional circumstances, out of the applicant’s control. They must be made in writing and will be considered by the Admissions Panel on an individual basis. The decision of the Admissions Panel is final.

Should applicants pay their deposit and then change their mind, they will only receive a refund if they notify the recruitment team by emailing (For MBA programmes) (for Postgraduate Diplomas) advising of this decision in writing, within 14 days of paying the deposit.

Refunds are not permitted whereby an applicant opts to go to a competitor and/or if they change their mind following the cooling off period.

No refunds will be granted after the start of the programme.

Withdrawal after the course has started

If an applicant withdraws within 14 days of course induction they will not be required to pay any course fees but will not receive a deposit refund, unless in the case of exceptional circumstances which will be considered by the Admissions Panel on a case by case basis.

If an applicant withdraws, temporarily or permanently, after 14 days of course induction they will be required to pay a proportion of the course fees dependent on how much teaching and learning has taken place and determined between the programme team and finance as detailed in the candidates offer letter.