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The Warwick Innovation Fund

Made possible through alumni and donor support

We know that our Warwick community is constantly coming up with new ideas and exciting innovations. We also know that many ideas need funding to become a reality.

Each year, forward thinking individuals apply for project funding. The Student Union reviews these projects for sustainability, project viability, and impact. The Innovation Fund is then used to invest in these new projects shaped to support the ever changing needs of students and the local community.

Warwick receives thousands of donations from alumni, friends and supporters each year and the Innovation Fund is just one example of how alumni and donors are actively supporting programmes that will transform lives.

How to apply to the Warwick Innovation Fund
  • Who can apply
    Applications are welcomed from students, staff members, or Student Union representatives. You can see our guidelines here.
  • Requirements
    The project must be a good use of donor funding by meeting the priorities for fundraising. That means it has to benefit students or our local community.
  • Examples
    Review previous projects, to better understand or get in touch with us at with the subject line 'Warwick Innovation Fund'.
  • Timing
    Submit applications before the September 5th to be considered for 2022/23.
  • Apply Now
    Complete the below form to be considered for funding.


This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions.

Thank you for your time.

Previous Projects

Donations have launched many innovative projects, including:

  • Helping students: offering a lifeline for students through Warwick SU's ‘Are You OK?’ campaign.
  • Supporting research: helping our experts to work on ways to diagnose and treat Alzheimer's.
  • Engaging the community: encouraging students to take part in volunteering activities.