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Volunteer requirements and benefits

Volunteer requirements

In addition to teaching tasks, volunteers will be obliged

  • To participate fully in the organisation of the trip and to provide promptly any information requested by trip organisers. This will include obtaining advice on vaccinations from your local doctor and evidence thereof to fulfil any country entry requirements.
  • To organise and arrange your own appropriate visa for the trip in advance of your departure. Costs for this will be reimbursed by the University after the visa application process.
  • To attend the compulsory recruitment and training days at Warwick and on arrival in Delhi.
  • To recognise their responsibility as a Volunteer Ambassador of the University and ensure appropriate conduct to fulfil this role as set out in the Code of Conduct.
  • To be aware and responsible for yourself and for other members of the team in a challenging environment.
  • To take a proactive part in any evaluation of the programme carried out by internal or external assessors and return results electronically.
  • To complete and return the standard report to the Warwick based Project Officer on all activities within the prescribed timeframe.
  • To raise at least £500 towards the continuation and further development of volunteering in India projects.


Benefits for volunteers

There are a number of direct benefits for Warwick student volunteers, which include

  • The opportunity to see the immediate impact of their help on others
  • The opportunity to make a real longer-term difference to people’s lives and create a brighter future for the village children
  • To help teach the local teachers and the children (raise their aspirations)
  • To explore new and innovative ideas to help develop the Laksh Foundation further
  • To learn about the rich Indian culture by immersing themselves in the heart of the rural community
  • To learn new skills such as teaching, leadership, communication skills
  • To explore another language and lifestyle
  • To experience working in a rural environment in India