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Tackling gender inequality

Sangeeta and Laksh children

Meet Sangeeta (pictured above), former learner and current teacher at the Laksh Foundation. We asked her what difference Warwick in India has made to her, and here's what she had to say:

Hello. My name is Sangeeta, and I live in the Mangar Village, I'm in the 12th grade and I am 18 years old. I completed my 10th grade through the Laksh Foundation and with the help of the Laksh Foundation, I'm also completing my 12th grade.

I come in the mornings to teach younger children at the Foundation and to study for my 12th grade as well. Initially I did not enjoy teaching because a few children wouldn't listen to me and they made a lot of noise. It was weird at first but as time passed I understood the value of teaching and I realised that by teaching the children I in turn learnt a few things from them. As soon I started teaching, I got very interested in it. I've started to enjoy teaching children and I hope to become a very good teacher.

We all learned a lot from the Warwick Volunteers. When I had first came here I did not know anything, I used to feel bad that I couldn't understand what the teachers said, I wanted to give up and go back home. But I was determined to learn. So I made an effort to learn, and I did learn. Initially I couldn't speak a single word of English but now I can manage to converse to a certain level. My English isn't that good right now, but I do manage to speak to the teachers from Warwick - I'm very thankful for Warwick and I would like the team at Warwick to know that. I hope they keep coming back.

Now, I would like to talk about the thoughts, the mentality and the situation of the village that I come from with regards to women. Earlier, the people had a preconceived notion that education spoilt girls. They never had positive thoughts about women getting an education and becoming something in life. They would only let girls study up until the 2nd grade after which the girls were kept at home in the fear that they would get spoilt and would run away.

But now, the situation has changed. The mentality has changed after seeing the outside world. Girls are now being encouraged to get educated. There are many women in top posts in many fields which is why everyone's thought process has changed. All the people in the village now give equal importance to both men and women. They want the girls to get the same education that the boys are supposed to. I am very proud of myself and of the fact that I am a woman.

Even though I'm from a village, I am completing my education while also teaching because I want every girl in the world to soar to great heights and to be able to support themselves. The Laksh Foundation has taught me a lot education wise and in my personal life.

Thank you to Laksh Foundation, the student volunteers from Warwick, and Warwick. Thank you so much."

Text translated - listen to the original recording here 

From everyone here at Warwick, thank you for your support which helps to change lives. Please donate to Warwick in India again today to help more people like Sangeeta.

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