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You + Us = More Cancer Research

You can only do so much on your own.Cancer Research

You rub his back and try to stay calm when he throws up after chemotherapy.

You make him walk back into the ward after he’s screamed that he won’t – that he can’t.

You spend hours in the waiting room, knowing this appointment will either give him hope or despair.

We want to tip the scales in favour of hope.

Help us fight harder on behalf of cancer patients

We get emails from people every day saying, “Please can you give us the new drug, because there’s no hope for a relative of mine, or a friend of mine. They’ve tried all treatments and there is no hope." Together we can help give that hope to people.

The Warwick Cancer Research Centre is coming up with new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. My team has found a metal which is 49x more effective than Cisplatin, the current treatment. Now we just have to get it to a clinical trial.

Professor Peter Sadler, School of Chemistry

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