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SJTU-Warwick Joint PhD Programme


The SJTU-Warwick Joint PhD Programme has been established with the intention of creating opportunities for both institutions and their students to collaborate on high-quality research projects. The programme also provides a framework for the progression of joint research projects supported by the SJTU-Warwick joint seed fund.

The objectives of this programme are:

  • To deepen and broaden collaboration between Warwick and SJTU
  • To jointly develop future world-leading researchers
  • To afford students an opportunity to access a top-tier academic programme and gain international research experience
  • To improve research quality and enhance career opportunities for PhD students
Research Disciplines

Eligible research disciplines include (but are not limited to): Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences and Low Carbon.


The Joint PhD Programme accepts both self-funding and sponsored students, to ensure that the Universities maximise the opportunities of enrolling excellent PhD students on the Programme.

For 2024/25, each institution will admit up to 4 students per year. At Warwick, up to three full scholarships per year (fees and UKRI-rate stipends) are available on a competitive basis to support the most outstanding PhD applicants, with a further one place per year available for a self-funding student.

Supervision and Award of the degree

The supervision and training of a student must be provided by a minimum of two supervisors, with each institution providing at least one supervisor. PhD candidates selected for the Joint PhD Programme will have joint supervision throughout the programme from both Warwick and SJTU, with the two institutions sharing the supervision equally (i.e., each Institution must provide exactly 50% of the total supervision).

The degree will be a single collaborative PhD programme with one thesis examination only. Successful candidates will receive two separate awards/certificates, i.e., one from each institution.

How to Apply

Detailed information and procedure on how to apply will be made available when the call for applications opens (expected early 2024). Current holders of joint seed fund awards will be notified via email.

Need more information?

If you have any questions about the SJTU-Warwick Joint PhD Programme please get in touch with

Hui Wang

International Partnerships Officer (E and SE Asia)

International Strategy and Relations