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PGR Stipend & Fee Rates

UKRI Standard Rate Full-Time Stipend

Stipend is provided to support your living costs while you study and is tax free.

Year Annual Stipend1 Monthly Stipend1 Home Fees (Overseas fees)
2020-212 £15,285.00 £1,273.75 £4,407.00
2021-222 £15,609.00 £1,300.75 £4,500.00
2022-232 £17,668.00 £1,472.33 £4,596.00
2023-242 £18,622.00 £1,551.83 £4,712.00
2024-252 £19,237.00 £1603.08 £4,786.00
2025-263 £20,140.00 £1,678.33 £4,906.00
2026-273 £20,740.00 £1,728.33 £5,029.00
£21,360.00 £1,780.00 £5,303.00
£22,000.00 £1,833.33 £5,462.00
  1. Enhanced Stipends are available for some degrees. Please contact your department for further information
  2. Source: UKRILink opens in a new window
  3. Rates for future years are based on estimated increases for inflation and are not confirmed.

In October 2022, we applied an additional stipend increase of up to a 10% to all PGRs who receive their stipends via the University.

Enhanced Stipends: Where an enhanced stipend is being paid, beyond the UKRI standard rate, the 10% increase will apply to the UKRI standard stipend element only.

External Funding: Where a university-paid stipend is funded with an external partner, collaboration agreements may need to be amended. If, upon discussion, a partner is unable to provide additional funding, Warwick will underwrite the 10% increase to the UKRI standard element for the duration of the studentship.

Payment Schedules: The PGR Funding team within the Doctoral College have now updated all payments and the new increased stipend should have been received. Further information about stipend payments and providing your bank details. If you have a question about your stipend, please contact

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