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Developing Novel Tools for QUality Improvement Training (DoNTQUIT)

Monash Warwick Alliance Education Fund - May 2019 Round

Quality improvement in healthcare is critical to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety and satisfaction. Many healthcare professionals are ideally positioned to implement improvements within their local setting but lack necessary skills to assess and enact change. As such, healthcare professionals would benefit greatly from the chance to develop quality improvement skills in order to implement robust service improvement activities within their practice.

To address this need, Associate Professor Megan Wallace, Director of Medical Student Research at Monash University, and Dr Lucy Hammond, Associate Professor at Warwick Medical School will lead a team to co-develop a suite of digital learning and teaching resources. Informed by the needs of industry partners and students, the resources will address theoretical frameworks for service improvement and evaluation in healthcare. They will draw on research methods for quality improvement and offer instruction to conduct quality improvement and report on service improvement activities. The resources will also draw on exemplar projects from different disciplines enabling students to select examples relevant to their practice.

The overall aim of the resources is to create internationally oriented and inter-disciplinary focused learning objects to support a range of clinical and allied health professions operating in different healthcare systems.

A range of qualitative and quantitative evaluation methods will assess the project, with feedback from hospital supervisors where appropriate. Ultimately, a detailed evaluation will explore the long-term impact of project as students graduate and become healthcare professionals, able to independently conduct quality improvement activities in their own clinical practice.

This case study video shares the valuable experiences and learnings in co-development of digital learning resources:

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