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3rd International Symposium on Progress in Personalising Medicines

At a Glance
Date: Thursday 24 and Friday 25 March 2011
Time: 9am to 5pm
Location: Warwick Arts Centre Conference Room and Studio
Open To: Staff, students and alumni
Cost: Free for the above groups (registration required)
Summary: Symposium on progress in personalising medicines

We aim at this meeting to address developments across the translational spectrum from target-hunting and drug discovery through to expert e-health systems to support prescribers and patients in safe and effective use of medicines, and in understanding the significance of new biomarkers to refine choice of treatment and monitor for desired and adverse responses to treatment. Keynote speakers include Alan Davies, from GE Healthcare, the first UK Chair in Pharmacogenetics Munir Pirmohamed, and Professor Philip Routledge, Chair of the UK Herbal Medicines Advisory Committee. Overseas speakers include Laura Biron from Washington discussing equity in Health Impact and Miquel Pons from Barcelona, on new approaches to drug target discovery.

Clinical health services in developed countries are close to the need and maturity to be able to address Commission on Human Medicines Chair Sir Gordon Duff’s opening question about whether we should now be considering personalised health care as a necessity. This sets the tone for the meeting, which includes a series of case studies assessing progress, and considering the translational gaps that remain, with regard to establishing the clinical and cost-effectiveness of new approaches to personalising medicines. We shall also consider progress in awareness and solutions to global challenges in equity of development and availability of treatments, and effective and affordable access to those medicines.