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Actin & Cell Polarity Workshop

22nd January 2008, 09:00-17:00, MOAC Seminar Room, 2nd Floor Coventry House
Systems Biology Workshop on the motion of animal cells in response to extra cellular signals, e.g. a gradient of chemical attractant, requires cells to polarise and establish a leading front, which is functionally different from the cell rear. The front-rear axis determines the direction of motion. Protrusion of the front is based onpolymerisation of actin, which pushes the cell membrane forward. Directional plant cell growth also depends on cellular polarization and on the actin cytoskeleton. Sites of polar plant cell expansion are established in response to gradients of extra cellular signals, which include plant hormones and are maintained by a complex intracellular signal network controlled by Rhofamily small GTPases (Rac/Rop GTPases).
The main goal of this workshop is to excite discussions on generic mechanisms of regulatory control of cell polarity and possible perspectives for theoretical modelling. Contributions from experimental plant and animal cell biologists will be supplemented by a talk on theoretical modelling of cell polarity.
The workshop is jointly organized by Till Bretschneider (Warwick Systems Biology Centre) and Benedikt Kost (Warwick HRI).
All Welcome - Attendance free of charge - More information available at the Systems Biology website
Contact: Anne Maynard for further information or to register