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Should the UK reduce the size of her armed forces?

At a Glance
Date: 2 February 2012
Time: 6.00pm-7.00pm
Location: Students Union Atrium
Open To: Staff, students, alumni and the general public
Cost: Free
Summary: A fascinating debate on the outcome of the recently published Strategic Defense and Security Review, attended by senior military experts, a UKIP representative and the Director of the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

WDU LogooThe recently published Strategic Defense and Security Review will see a dramatic reduction in the size of the UK's armed forces. Join in the debate on what is one of the most pressing issues facing Britain in 2012, an issue which will have enormous domestic and global ramifications. The UK must now decide where to place herself, in what is a very different 21st century world. There is no need to register for this event - it is open to everyone and is free to attend.

Joining the debate will be:

  • Colonel A P Layton MBE (Chair) - Commanding Officer at Birmingham UOTC, veteran of two successfive tours of Afghanistan and former Staff Officer within the army's Intelligence Branch
  • Commander Chapsos - Distinguished Commander in the Greek Navy, expert on military matters
  • Professor Alan Hunter - Director of the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation at Coventry University
  • Mr Christopher Forbes - Lecturer at Birmingham University and UKIP representative

For further event information visit the event facebook page or contact Richard Preece.